The elements of our surroundings such as air, water, soil, weather, climate, etc. all make up our environment. If the natural relationships among these elements are disturbed, the ecological balance is hampered and this is termed environmental pollution. Our environment is polluted in many ways. Man makes fire for various purposes. This fire produces smoke and smoke pollutes the air. Again railway engines, mills, factories, buses, cars, and trucks also emit smoke and cause air pollution. Water, another vital element of the environment, is also polluted for various reasons. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides, filth and waste products of mills and factories are responsible for water pollution.

Again, steamers, launches and even boats throw waste into in the rivers and pollute water. Further, the horns of vehicles and sound of the machines of mills and factories cause sound pollution. All these types of pollution have harmful effects on humans, animals, and plant. Air pollution causes different respiratory diseases and water pollution causes water-borne diseases. Sound pollution affects the capacity of our hearing. Again pollution causes an ecological imbalance that brings about different types of disasters. So, we should keep the environment pollution-free so that we can ensure a safe abode for ourselves and the generation to come


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